Install demo application

If you want to use a demo application to try APIClarity, you can use the Sock Shop Demo. To deploy the Sock Shop Demo, complete the following steps.

  1. Create the sock-shop namespace and enable Istio injection.

    kubectl create namespace sock-shop
    kubectl label namespaces sock-shop istio-injection=enabled
  2. Deploy the Sock Shop Demo to your cluster.

    kubectl apply -f
  3. Deploy APIClarity in the sock-shop namespace (with the Istio service-mesh traffic source):

    helm repo add apiclarity
    helm install --set 'trafficSource.envoyWasm.enabled=true' --set 'trafficSource.envoyWasm.namespaces={sock-shop}' --create-namespace apiclarity apiclarity/apiclarity --namespace apiclarity
  4. Port forward to Sock Shop’s front-end service to access the Sock Shop Demo App:

    kubectl port-forward -n sock-shop svc/front-end 7777:80
  5. Open the Sock Shop Demo App UI in your browser at http://localhost:7777/ and run some transactions to generate data to review on the APIClarity dashboard.

Last modified November 17, 2023: Minimal apiclarity (#18) (04ff6fc)