Common CLI tasks

Initiate a scan using the CLI

Reporting results into file:

./cli/bin/vmclarity-cli scan --config ~/testConf.yaml -o outputfile

If we want to report results to the VMClarity backend, we need to create asset and asset scan object before scan because it requires asset-scan-id

Reporting results to VMClarity backend:

ASSET_ID=$(./cli/bin/vmclarity-cli asset-create --file assets/dir-asset.json --server http://localhost:8080/api) --jsonpath {.id}
ASSET_SCAN_ID=$(./cli/bin/vmclarity-cli asset-scan-create --asset-id $ASSET_ID --server http://localhost:8080/api) --jsonpath {.id}
./cli/bin/vmclarity-cli scan --config ~/testConf.yaml --server http://localhost:8080/api --asset-scan-id $ASSET_SCAN_ID

Using one-liner:

./cli/bin/vmclarity-cli asset-create --file docs/assets/dir-asset.json --server http://localhost:8080/api --update-if-exists --jsonpath {.id} | xargs -I{} ./cli/bin/vmclarity-cli asset-scan-create --asset-id {} --server http://localhost:8080/api --jsonpath {.id} | xargs -I{} ./cli/bin/vmclarity-cli scan --config ~/testConf.yaml --server http://localhost:8080/api --asset-scan-id {}
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