SBOM output format

The kubeclarity-cli analyze command can format the resulting SBOM into different formats to integrate with another system. The supported formats are:

FormatConfiguration Name
CycloneDX JSON (default)cyclonedx-json
CycloneDX XMLcyclonedx-xml
SPDX JSONspdx-json
SPDX Tag Valuespdx-tv
Syft JSONsyft-json


KubeClarity processes CycloneDX internally, the other formats are supported through a conversion. The conversion process can be lossy due to incompatibilities between formats, therefore in some cases not all fields/information are present in the resulting output.

To configure the kubeclarity-cli to use a format other than the default, the ANALYZER_OUTPUT_FORMAT environment variable can be used with the configuration name from above:

ANALYZER_OUTPUT_FORMAT="spdx-json" kubeclarity-cli analyze nginx:latest -o nginx.sbom
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